How To Install a Camlock Connector onto a Cable

Those in need of temporary and portable power products will often purchase wire and cable by the foot along with individual camlock connectors and install them onto the cables themselves. Some may already have usable cables on hand, and just need inline camlock connectors to attach to their cables. However, for those who have yet […]

What Are Medium Voltage Type SH Cables?

What Are Medium Voltage Type SH Cables? Electrical substations are part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Substations frequently allocate routine maintenance times for testing, repairs, and to guarantee safe connections on all wire terminals. These maintenance breaks will often occur after a large storm has passed and an assessment of damages are […]

Online Ordering Available for Distributors

Online Ordering Available for Distributors A positive and smooth customer experience is pivotal for success in today’s business world. To maximize our customer experience in the temporary power industry, Power Assemblies is encouraging distributors to use our online site to their advantage in order to create completely custom orders that will be built by our […]

New Construction Temporary Power Systems

New Construction requires a great deal of planning and permitting before workers can start hammering away. One of the initial requirements needed for a new construction site is to provide a safe and reliable temporary power system for construction workers to use daily. Generally, all new construction sites are going to require access to electricity […]

Our Perfectly Portable, Ideal Transformer Cart

Transformers are electrical devices that have the capability to change or transform the electrical current and voltage that flows through them, hence the name transformer. In simple terms, they adjust the voltage from one value to another through the use of coils which creates a higher or lower output voltage. Transformers that raise the voltage […]

Winter is Coming

Prepare for the winter season
As hurricane season comes to an end, we are here to help states susceptible to winter conditions prepare for power outages due to ice, snow, and wind. Power outages in extreme cold can be especially dangerous, requiring an immediate resumption of power. Power Assemblies products work in conjunction with utility and generator power to help restore power in extreme winter conditions.

Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Power Assemblies is committed to your health and safety

Power Assemblies, as an essential supplier, has remained open during this terrible crisis and plans to remain open. Many of our projects involve temporary power for emergency applications and we are working hard to help the country recover as quickly as possible. We feel it is our responsibility to keep the costs for the products […]