Exploring Power Assemblies’ User-Friendly Power Distribution Units

User Friendly Design

Power Assemblies emphasizes fabricating user-friendly power distribution units because you are at the center of everything that we do. All Power Assemblies equipment is engineered with a people-first approach to make using our equipment straightforward and intuitive. You can spot functional designs with ergonomic details throughout our entire collection of innovative power solutions. From lightweight […]

How We Support Distributors in the Temporary Power Industry

What makes us stand out from all the other manufacturers in the temporary power industry? The answer is simple, we shine by offering outstanding support to our distributors. Our team is dedicated to helping our distributors grow their online market share, and we’re always willing to assist you wherever we can. Achieving synergy between our […]

What Are Electrical Busbars?

Flat Strip Copper Bus Bar Connections

Electrical busbars are the foundational connectors found in almost all our power distribution solutions. Busbars allow our equipment to conduct large amounts of electricity, making them a top choice for low to high voltage projects. Our power distribution units are a high-quality, low-cost option that is simple to install. To top things off, our Load […]

Engineering Excellence: Pushing the Limits of Power Distribution Technology

Behind the scenes, our engineers are working hard to offer our distributors the finest power distribution technology on the market. From crafting Cable Assemblies to fabricating intricate power distribution units, each member of our team always goes the extra mile to provide you with safe and reliable power solutions. Our desire to constantly raise the […]

Performing Routine Electrical Equipment Maintenance

Signs you need to inspect your electrical equipment

In the same way your car needs routine service, electrical equipment requires regular maintenance to stay healthy and ready to perform long-term. While each piece of our equipment comes with a one-year warranty, we recommend that your customers begin to service equipment after the warranty period has expired. Our team wants to make sure that […]

Electrical Safety Ratings 101

Electrical Equipment Hazards

It’s no secret that using equipment without proper electrical safety ratings can be dangerous. Many pieces of electrical equipment are located outside, exposed to elements such as rain, sleet, or snow. Since there are so many factors that can jeopardize safety, using electrical equipment that checks off every box in its safety review is the […]

Our Powerful Approach to Distributor Relations

Power Assemblies Partnerships and Distributor Relations

In our business journey, maintaining strong distributor relations consistently paves the way for our shared victories. Power Assemblies never sells directly to the consumer because we believe in the value our distributors bring to the customer’s experience. Our company only sells through our distribution network. We view our distributors as our right-hand man, and we […]

A Closer Look at Our Cable Assemblies and Pigtails

Raw Cable Spool

With so many different types of Cable Assemblies available, it’s important that you’re able to compare different cable types to figure out what’s best for your customers. We aim to offer our distributors an in-depth variety of portable power equipment so that they can always provide customers with what they need to accomplish their goals. In […]

Power Assemblies Custom Distribution Equipment

Power Assemblies Custom Distribution Equipment

All too often, someone will need custom distribution equipment and is unable to find what they need to get the job done. Well, if you find yourself in the same boat, you’re in luck because we specialize in custom distribution equipment! Our team has spent years designing custom equipment and establishing ourselves as one of […]