A Closer Look at Our Cable Assemblies and Pigtails

Raw Cable Spool

With so many different types of Cable Assemblies available, it’s important that you’re able to compare different cable types to figure out what’s best for your customers. We aim to offer our distributors an in-depth variety of portable power equipment so that they can always provide customers with what they need to accomplish their goals. In […]

Power Assemblies Custom Distribution Equipment

Power Assemblies Custom Distribution Equipment

All too often, someone will need custom distribution equipment and is unable to find what they need to get the job done. Well, if you find yourself in the same boat, you’re in luck because we specialize in custom distribution equipment! Our team has spent years designing custom equipment and establishing ourselves as one of […]

Prioritizing Workplace Safety Within the Electrical Manufacturing Industry

In 2021 alone, hundreds of employees in the electrical manufacturing industry lost their lives due to preventable injuries at the workplace. Every year about 4.6 million workers across all industries receive injuries that require them to visit a medical professional. Creating a safe work environment is important for both businesses and employees. If an employee […]

Understanding Electrical Grounding: Standard, Reverse Ground, and Reverse Ground + Neutral

Camlock Panel with a reversed ground and neutral

A portable power system with poor electrical grounding is like a ticking time bomb threatening the safety of everyone at the job site. The system lacks an adequate ground path and will fall victim to electrical faults, causing operations to become unstable and dramatically increasing the odds of someone getting injured or killed. In today’s […]

The Power of Social Media in The Power Distribution Industry

In today’s digital age, social media’s presence can be felt across the power distribution industry. Social media has changed the way that we communicate and interact with the world around us. From sharing updates to learning about other cultures, it’s become one of the main ways we stay connected and interact over long distances. Being […]

Driving Electrical Manufacturing Efficiency: A Key to Succeed in a Competitive Industry

Electrical Manufacturing Processes

Defining Efficient Electrical Manufacturing Electrical manufacturing productivity will either propel you to success or leave you drowning in a sea of competitors. Manufacturing efficiency can be defined as the quality and effectiveness of each step in the manufacturing process to produce the best product possible. Achieving ideal manufacturing efficiency is a never-ending process, and our […]

Powering an Eco-Friendly Future

Eco Friendly solutions to make a better future.

Carbon emissions have been rapidly increasing over the last 70 years. Business operations are one of the major contributions to pollution, greenhouse gases, and increasing levels of carbon dioxide. In order to prepare for a better future, it’s critical that businesses work on strategies to preserve our environment. An eco-friendly company looks to slash greenhouse […]

How To Create Impact While Attending a Trade Show

Trade shows are great to meet new customers and develop stronger relationships with vendors.

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to create impact by networking, receiving special training, and accessing new industry trends. Power Assemblies enjoys attending trade shows to engage with representatives from other organizations and identify those who may be interested in becoming distributors of our products. We specialize in building custom, high-quality emergency power solutions. Our […]

The Secrets of Successful Product Pairing

Power Assemblies Generator Docking Station and Pin & Sleeve Cable Product Pairing Bundle

Providing customers with a complete power solutions platform can lead to increased customer satisfaction, improved customer retention, and increased sales. When distributors suggest products that complement what the customer has already purchased, it can enhance their overall customer experience. Offering a complete product platform also shows that you understand customer needs and preferences. This can […]

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Founder and CEO Patricia Knowles

Women’s History Month is observed every year during the month of March to celebrate the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. Women’s History Month is an opportunity to honor the countless women who have fought for gender equality, broken down barriers of gender bias, and made significant contributions to society. Women’s History Month is […]