Power Assemblies Featured At The 2022 Governor’s Hurricane Conference

Join Power Assemblies at the Governor's Hurricane Conference

Save the date! The 36th annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The conference will take place following Hurricane Preparedness Week. The conference begins on May 8th and lasts through Friday, May 13th, 2022. The Power Assemblies team will be attending what […]

The Power Assemblies Electrical Tap Box

Side, Open, and Front view of Tap Box

What exactly is an electrical tap box you might ask? Well, it’s a vital component for portable and permanent portable power distribution applications. Electrical Tap boxes, also known as splitter boxes or pull boxes, are essentially junction boxes equipped with a backplate that holds individual copper busbars for each phase and mechanical chairs lugs that […]

The Potential of Our Portable I-Line Panel (PIP)

Remarkable. Reliable. Innovative. These are all words that describe Power Assemblies’ unique design of the Portable I-Line Panel (PIP).  Our goal with this model was simple – “Power Better”. When it comes to our electrical engineering and manufacturing potential, the capabilities are endless. Whatever you need, no matter the project, big or small – Power […]

What Is The Difference Between Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers?

Recognizing the need for a transformer often comes from someone working on a construction site, entertainment venue, sporting arena, or a location that requires a specific voltage, other than what is currently on-site, in order to power equipment or electrical devices. A transformer is an electrical box designed to convert alternating current (AC) from one […]

A Complete Guide to NEMA Enclosure Ratings

NEMA ratings can help clarify whether an enclosure is suitable for a specific environment that you plan to purpose it for. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is an organization developed to form the technical standards for the manufacturing of electrical and medical imaging equipment. Aiming to set national standards for our industry, NEMA has […]

Woman Owned Business Interview

Female Entrepreneur Interview with Patty Knowles Patty Knowles, a young woman entrepreneur, went into business and started Power Assemblies back in 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada with the goal in mind to provide electrical distributors with an alternative solution for custom fabricated power distribution equipment.  All Power Assemblies’ products are manufactured in-house right here in […]

Power Assemblies Works to Combat Supply Chain Issues

Power Assemblies Works to Combat Supply Chain Issues It’s not recent news that global supply chains have become a major problem today for both manufacturers and consumers. Increased demand for goods combined with a reduced national workforce means that products are going out of stock faster, resulting in backorders and longer lead times for goods. […]