Globalization Vs. Localization

Globalization and supply

When it comes to creating an effective sourcing strategy, the debate between globalization vs localization is both timeless and complex. Year after year the electrical industry continues to evolve and faces new supply chain issues. So, it’s important that you can compare each of these strategies to determine which is best for you and your […]

Top Generator Power Distribution Equipment of 2024

Traditional generator power distribution equipment is mass-produced and bound to wear down after only a few years of use, leaving your customers without the electricity they need to complete their project. Power Assemblies equipment, however, is made by hand in our facilities and goes through rigorous testing before hitting the market. To us, there’s nothing […]

Meet The New Power Assemblies Quick Connection Switch

If you need an affordable way to effortlessly attach feeder cables and no-nonsense switching capabilities, then this brand-new Quick Connection Switch is for you. If a project requires a safety switch in case of emergency shutoff or just needs to pause electrical circulation for testing, our single-throw Quick Connection Switch (QCS) is the perfect solution. […]

Exploring Power Assemblies’ User-Friendly Power Distribution Units

User Friendly Design

Power Assemblies emphasizes fabricating user-friendly power distribution units because you are at the center of everything that we do. All Power Assemblies equipment is engineered with a people-first approach to make using our equipment straightforward and intuitive. You can spot functional designs with ergonomic details throughout our entire collection of innovative power solutions. From lightweight […]

How We Support Distributors in the Temporary Power Industry

What makes us stand out from all the other manufacturers in the temporary power industry? The answer is simple, we shine by offering outstanding support to our distributors. Our team is dedicated to helping our distributors grow their online market share, and we’re always willing to assist you wherever we can. Achieving synergy between our […]

What Are Electrical Busbars?

Flat Strip Copper Bus Bar Connections

Electrical busbars are the foundational connectors found in almost all our power distribution solutions. Busbars allow our equipment to conduct large amounts of electricity, making them a top choice for low to high voltage projects. Our power distribution units are a high-quality, low-cost option that is simple to install. To top things off, our Load […]