Electrical Inspections Are Key to Success

Electrical Inspections, Tests, & Safety

At Power Assemblies, we believe that the top priority of any electrical project should be safety. Taking the necessary precautions to perform inspections on an electrical project can mitigate electrical hazards, which as you may know, can result in major property damage, and can injure those within close proximities. Working on or near electrical hazards […]

Camlock Connection Box Vs. Generator Docking Station

Camlock Connection Box Vs. Generator Docking Station

Utility power fails and you want to get power back up as soon as possible, but how? Well, You’ll need a portable or standby generator, a transfer switch, and one of Power Assemblies’ generator quick-connect boxes like our Camlock Connection Box (CCB) or the astonishing Generator Docking Station (GDS). We’ve engineered both boxes to provide […]

How to Accurately Quote Power Assemblies Products

Amperage, Voltage, Size, Gauge, and Nema

We’re always searching for new distributors that we believe will share similar values and would benefit from a partnership by stocking and selling Power Assemblies products. We are one of the top portable power providers and manufacturers in the country, and we sell exclusively through our distribution partners. We will never sell directly to your […]

Power Assemblies Featured At The 2022 Governor’s Hurricane Conference

Join Power Assemblies at the Governor's Hurricane Conference

Save the date! The 36th annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The conference will take place following Hurricane Preparedness Week. The conference begins on May 8th and lasts through Friday, May 13th, 2022. The Power Assemblies team will be attending what […]

The Power Assemblies Electrical Tap Box

Side, Open, and Front view of Tap Box

What exactly is an electrical tap box you might ask? Well, it’s a vital component for portable and permanent portable power distribution applications. Electrical Tap boxes, also known as splitter boxes or pull boxes, are essentially junction boxes equipped with a backplate that holds individual copper busbars for each phase and mechanical chairs lugs that […]