Engineering Excellence: Pushing the Limits of Power Distribution Technology

Behind the scenes, our engineers are working hard to offer our distributors the finest power distribution technology on the market. From crafting Cable Assemblies to fabricating intricate power distribution units, each member of our team always goes the extra mile to provide you with safe and reliable power solutions. Our desire to constantly raise the bar is demonstrated through our exceptional products and five-star customer service. To us, continuous improvement is more than a philosophy, it’s ingrained into who we are as a company.

As part of our mission to help our distributors succeed, we’re always in the process of developing fresh and functional designs. Throughout the years, we have learned that each of your customers’ projects are unique and emergency power equipment is not one size fits all. In addition to offering an in-depth variety of specifications, we specialize in designing unique, custom-built equipment.

At the heart of our company is a seasoned Power Assemblies engineer. Our team of engineers have decades of experience crafting results-driven designs. They have a passion for constructing power distribution technology and take pride in delivering value to our distributors. In this article, we’ll give you a bird’s eye view of the role that our engineers play in our equipment design process.

Pioneering Power Distribution Technology

Our team is always here to help you solve your customer’s power problems and support you on your path to success. We stay in close contact with each of our distributors and listen closely to what your customers need. If we spot a gap in the market, we put our pens to paper and begin to invent a new power solution.

Once our engineers have finished the initial drawings, we gather the supplies needed to begin creating our prototype. All Power Assemblies equipment is made with high-quality components from world leading vendors such as Marinco Power Products and Leviton Manufacturing Company which are located right here in the United States. Partnering with domestic vendors gives us the utmost control in our manufacturing process and ensures that our equipment is built to last- down to every screw.

After our prototype is complete, we leave no stone unturned as we carefully test it against our strict safety and performance guidelines. All our equipment then ships to the distributor ready to install. We enjoy going above and beyond so that our distributors can offer equipment that they trust.

Upon finalizing the designs of our latest build, our engineers go a step further and create engineering packages and distributor packages that include documents such as our product brochure, data sheets, and drawings. All equipment on includes easy-to-access brochures and spec sheets to help electrical distributors make informed recommendations as they supply their customers with power distribution technology.

The Goal is to Provide Perfect Power Distribution

Our goal is to make sure that our distributors are always able to offer their customers what they need. Our team of engineers excels at understanding the distinct needs of each project and translating them into powerful assets. If you require temporary power equipment outside of our standard configurations, simply send us an inquiry by clicking here. From there, we will schedule a one-on-one meeting with our engineers to identify every detail of the project’s requirements. Next, we will draft a sketch and send it to the distributor for approval. After we make any adjustments that the distributor has requested, we move on to creating the formal blueprint and a bill of materials so that we can provide an accurate quote and precise lead times. 

After agreeing on our final design, we will begin building a tailor-made solution according to NEC code. Since all of our equipment is made by hand in our facilities, our engineers partner with our in-house electrician to ensure that each step in the fabrication process matches our timeline. Throughout our manufacturing process, we will stay in close contact with you and give real-time updates that allow you to plan with confidence.

As soon as we finish the customized power distribution technology, we will send pictures of the final product to make sure that it perfectly aligns with expectations. Once we receive confirmation, we carefully pack it using industry-leading materials and techniques to protect it from damage while it makes its way to the distributor. We collaborate with reputable shipping partners to guarantee a secure and timely delivery. Distributors will also receive tracking information to keep an eye on the shipment, and we are always here for support if there are any questions after the equipment has arrived.

Stay up to date on our cutting-edge power distribution technology by subscribing to our email list using the form at the footer of this web page. For equipment with customized configurations, please contact us today at [email protected] or dial (866)-825-8525 and we will be happy to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a Power Assemblies engineer.