The Benefits of The TruOne ATS/MTS Generator Transfer Switch

Automatic Generator Transfer Switch Benefits

Many consider a Generator Transfer Switch to be one of the most important pieces of equipment in a temporary power system. Without a Transfer Switch, your backup power system does not have an effective way to convert from a utility power source to your generator’s backup power source. This is why most temporary power systems heavily rely on a Transfer Switch to act as a bridge between alternative power sources in your power distribution setup.

When it comes to our Dual-Voltage TruOne Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) / Manual Transfer Switch (MTS), we have just one goal in mind. Our team is committed to creating the most advantageous equipment on the market, so that you can feel confident knowing that you have the right tools to help your customers succeed with each project. With an easy-to-use and well-rounded design, it’s plain to see that our Generator Transfer Switch was truly designed with the customer in mind. In this article, we will break down the value-packed features of the Dual-Voltage TruOne Transfer Switch to help you gain insights as to how this power solution can benefit your customers.

Fundamentals of the TruOne Generator Transfer Switch

Across all industries, the Power Assemblies TruOne Generator Transfer Switch has gained recognition for its ability to facilitate a seamless transition from source 1 to source 2 power. This is typically switching from utility to generator, but in some temporary power setups this may be switching over from one generator to another.

This means that as long as a TruOne ATS/MTS is present on a job site, there’s no need to worry about downtime caused by a power outage. Our Transfer Switch offers you an affordable and easy-to-implement solution that ensures you always have access to a backup power source.

The TruOne ATS/MTS is categorized as both automatic and non-automatic. But how is this possible? Well, this variation includes specialized voltage-sensing networks that are engineered to detect when the utility power source begins to fall below acceptable levels of electrical output. As soon as an ATS detects a dip in voltage levels and frequency, it automatically sends a signal that kicks your generator into gear. 

While the TruOne Generator Transfer Switch shines as it runs in its automatic setting, it can also be converted to operate under a Non-Automatic Transfer Switch (NATS) control. While operating in its manual setting, an operator will be required to manually shift their power system between sources. This is a great option for customers who prefer to personally oversee their power transitions.

Now that we’ve defined the differences between automatic and manual Transfer Switches, our next step will be comparing service entrance and non-service entrance options. Service entrance Transfer Switches are specially designed to control access to your utility power source and prevent back feeding. Back feeding occurs when electricity created by your generator flows through your power system and back into the utility grid. This can lead to an extreme hazard to utility workers and linemen. “Service entrance Switches prevent back feeding by using a built-in circuit breaker to open and close the “gate” that controls access to utility power.

Non-service entrance Transfer Switches do not include a built-in circuit breaker or any other type of over-current protection. Because of this, they rely on pre-existing circuit protection located in upstream equipment. This means that a non-service option is a perfect fit for customers who already have a fused switch or main shutoff present in their power system.

Defining “Dual-Voltage”

To put things simply, our Dual-Voltage Generator Transfer Switch is made with pioneer technology that allows it to sense different voltage levels within a power system. With a few quick adjustments through its HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) Panel, your customer can easily adapt their power system to run at a new voltage level. This gives your customers plenty of flexibility to use our Transfer Switch for projects with different voltage requirements. This also saves customers from the headache of having to purchase different pieces of equipment for each project.

It’s important to note that “Dual-Voltage” Switches from other brands require you to purchase additional voltage coils and swap them out by hand. Because of this, our TruOne Generator Transfer Switch offers your customers versatility and convenience that is second to none!

Exploring the TruOne Generator Transfer Switch Options

Our TruOne ATS/MTS is available in an impressive variety of configurations so that your customers always have access to what they need to get the job done. Your customers can choose between 100A – 1200A options, single-phase 120/240V, and three-phase 120/208V, 208V, 277/480V, and 480V specifications. In addition, this power distribution unit is available with a switched neutral, solid neutral, or no neutral, and camlock wiring options on all sources and load-side if necessary.

If you think that the TruOne Generator Transfer Switch might be a good fit for your customers, please request a quote by contacting us at [email protected] or dialing (866)-825-8525 today! If you are not a distributor but are interested in purchasing this Transfer Switch, please click here to find a certified Power Assemblies Distributor near you!