How We Support Distributors in the Temporary Power Industry

What makes us stand out from all the other manufacturers in the temporary power industry? The answer is simple, we shine by offering outstanding support to our distributors. Our team is dedicated to helping our distributors grow their online market share, and we’re always willing to assist you wherever we can.

Achieving synergy between our teams makes us stronger together than when we’re apart. Cultivating strong relationships will allow us to conquer obstacles and seize new opportunities as they come our way. In this article, we’ll examine six ways that Power Assemblies consistently offers well-rounded support to our distributors’ e-commerce platforms.

1. Industry Leading Temporary Power Equipment

Offering best-in-class power distribution equipment serves as the foundation for our shared success. All our innovative power solutions are handcrafted in our facilities so that we can ensure each of our fabrications is perfectly executed. We choose to use only the finest source materials that have been carefully selected from suppliers across the United States. This way, when you choose to offer your online customers Power Assemblies equipment, you can be assured that you’re choosing to offer your customers the safest and most effective equipment on the market.

From blueprint to tightening the final screw, our equipment is designed to closely adhere to the NEC code. Making sure that our equipment is NEC-compliant establishes that your customers will stay safe and sound during installation. We care about the safety of your customers, and our team is always willing to go the extra mile to offer you peace of mind.

Innovative Custom Fabrications

Power Assemblies engineers understand that each project is remarkable and unique. Each industry, application, and job come with its own set of variables and specifications. While you can offer your customers a selection of our standard, top-selling temporary power equipment through your website, we’re always available to draft a custom build at your request. We’ve spent years perfecting our custom designs so that no matter what you need – we can make it happen.

Keep the Essentials Stocked

Time is our most valuable asset and most limited resource. We respect your time, so we always keep our inventories packed with all the essentials. We carefully manage our inventories so that we always have the components required to begin a project at a moment’s notice. From larger to smaller orders, we have what it takes to get you what you need exactly when you need it. Plus, we always keep plenty of our best sellers on hand and ready to ship as soon as one of your customers places an order online. We keep Pigtails, Generator Cable Extensions, Banded Sets, Spider Box Locking Cables, CAM Lock Panels, and Camlock Connection Boxes fully prepped and ready to ship within 48 hours.

Detailed Equipment Documentation

We provide you with digital tools and essential documents that can be added to your website. These documents grant your customers instant access to the resources they need to select the right equipment for the job. We also offer exclusive distributor packages containing detailed brochures, drawings, spec sheets, and instruction manuals to break down information so that you can effectively answer your customer’s inquiries.

To optimize your experience, we provide you with high-definition pictures and key information to help you create informative, compelling captions for your customers. Our team is here to ensure that uploading Power Assemblies products to your website will be quick and easy. We also offer you support through our timely and personable assistance. Our mission is to help you expedite your e-commerce journey and assist you in growing your digital footprint.

Provide Pricing Sheets

Having an effective pricing strategy is an important part of staying competitive in your market. We provide you with all-inclusive pricing sheets so that you can set your profit margins with confidence. These pricing sheets outline the cost structures of our temporary power products and offer you valuable insights into creating a pricing strategy that aligns with your unique brand. The pricing sheets are concise and offer you a clear breakdown of costs and suggested retail prices.

Track Orders from Quote to Delivery

You can track your customers’ orders from the time they click “order now” to the moment they arrive. This strategic move yields many benefits including enhanced efficiency, transparency, and providing your customers with the all-around best purchasing experience possible. Our order tracking policy empowers you to stay agile as we work together to provide your customers with the equipment they need. Our proactive approach takes the stress out of tracking order fulfillment to enhance your operations and keep your customers satisfied.

Are you ready to experience the full potential of our innovative power solutions? Getting started is easy! Contact us at [email protected] or dial (866)-825-8525 today and we’ll help you get your e-commerce platforms on track to succeed in the digital temporary power market.

If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, please reach out to us through the contacts provided and we’ll be happy to help you get started in your application process.