A Closer Look at Our Cable Assemblies and Pigtails

Raw Cable Spool

With so many different types of Cable Assemblies available, it’s important that you’re able to compare different cable types to figure out what’s best for your customers. We aim to offer our distributors an in-depth variety of portable power equipment so that they can always provide customers with what they need to accomplish their goals. In today’s article, we will be defining Cable Assemblies and Pigtails, exploring common types of cables, and establishing what makes the Power Assemblies cable unique.

Cable Assemblies and Pigtails Explained

Power Distribution Cables are collections of wires that are bundled together and covered with a cable jacket. These cables typically include either a connector or termination point at each end of the cable to quickly connect to portable power equipment. Cables that are less than 10 feet long are often referred to as Pigtails, while cables longer than 10 feet are commonly called Cable Assemblies. Our cables are available with a variety of options such as different gauges, lengths, and voltage ratings that can be tailored for unique applications.

Think of our cables as roads that transport electricity throughout the portable power system. A cable’s gauge has a direct impact on its maximum amperage rating. In the same way that more lanes on the highway allow more cars to travel, a bigger gauge will allow more electricity to safely flow through the cable. Cables with large gauges are great for heavy-duty projects because of their ability to handle large electrical loads without breaking a sweat. Smaller gauge cables are a perfect pair for light to medium-duty jobs, such as indoor applications and for use in the entertainment industry.

Whether you need heavy or light-duty cable, you can always trust us to provide the highest quality cables in the industry. Our power solutions are fabricated in small batches so that we can examine every detail and create equipment that we’re proud of. We also make sure to use the finest materials and latest technology when manufacturing our gear, so we’re confident that our cables can withstand the test of time!

Type W Cable Assemblies and Pigtails

Our Type W Cable is a Power Assemblies distributor favorite – and for good reason. It has a high copper strand count for superior flexibility and a double outer jacket that is engineered to resist abrasions on tough job sites. Our most common Type W cable is a single conductor with camlocks, but these can be made with up to 5 conductors in a single jacket. Rated at up to 2000 volts, our type w cable assemblies are a top pick for demanding applications like industrial generator connections, ship-to-shore, and emergency power sites.

The Type W cable used in our Cable Assemblies and Pigtails is RoHS-compliant, CSA-approved, and even UL-Listed because of its track record for reliable performance. We offer this cable in a selection of lengths, cable ends, colors, and gauges. Each of our Cable Assemblies longer than 25 feet includes a double D-ring strap for easy storage and transportation.

Type DLO Cable Assemblies and Pigtails

Type DLO cable is similar to Type W cable in the sense that they’re both great for customers with heavy-duty applications. However, DLO cable is unique because it only has one conductor that features a tinned coating around its copper strands to prevent corrosion and help support efficient termination. Type W cable is more versatile than Type DLO cable and can be used in a wide range of applications, but Type DLO cable excels in situations that need a single, high-capacity conductor to connect with machinery.

Power Assemblies Type DLO cable has a rubber jacket with EPR insulation to endure rugged field conditions. Our Type DLO Cable Assemblies and Pigtails are engineered to handle up to 2000 volts, making them well-suited for customers with projects that require serious power.

Stage Cable and Welding Cable Assemblies and Pigtails

Type SC (Stage Cable) and Welding Cable are great options for lighter applications such as the entertainment industry. In this application, it still will deliver the high level of power required but will not endure the level of stress that’s typically felt on an industrial site.

Stage Cable has fully annealed Class K bare copper strands, which means that it went through a special heat treatment to enhance its flexibility. They’re rated for up to 600V, making them perfect for providing temporary power connections at film sets and convention centers.

Like Stage Cable, Welding Cable features impressive flexibility and packs a punch with a maximum rating of 600 volts. We recommend using Welding Cable with mobile welding equipment or in the automotive and construction industry to keep operations powered and running smoothly.

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