Why Power Assemblies

Cable Jackets - Power Assemblies

High Quality Materials

Our cable jackets use thermoplastic materials with dielectric design intended to improve durability and conduction. Electric Panels use non-ferrous materials to reduce eddy currents.

Electrical Design - Power Assemblies

Cost-Effective Design

Our product design saves space and spare material, passing the savings on to you. Combined with an excellent materials acquisition team, you can rest assured you are getting maximum value.

Docking Station - Power Assemblies

Integrates with Major Brands

Our products integrate seamlessly with major brands such as Leviton, Hubbell, or Mennekes. Conformity to industry standards maximizes flexibility in your portable power set-ups.

Cable Assemblies


Power Distribution

Power Assemblies is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise

Women Owned Business

Power Assemblies is proud to be a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.