Exploring Power Assemblies’ User-Friendly Power Distribution Units

User Friendly Design

Power Assemblies emphasizes fabricating user-friendly power distribution units because you are at the center of everything that we do. All Power Assemblies equipment is engineered with a people-first approach to make using our equipment straightforward and intuitive. You can spot functional designs with ergonomic details throughout our entire collection of innovative power solutions. From lightweight and compact enclosures to our game-changing quick-connect camlock systems, our equipment is engineered to make your customer’s application a snap.

Throughout our years spent manufacturing power products, we’ve learned that the secret to five-star equipment lies in understanding and addressing the needs of the people. By listening closely to our distributor’s feedback and conducting in-depth research and development, we’ve fine-tuned our products to guarantee satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll showcase some of our user-friendly power distribution units and highlight how each of these human-centric designs can enhance your customer’s experience.

Key Features and Benefits of Our User-Friendly Power Solutions

Camlock Panels – Our distributors consider Camlock Panels to be a staple in their company’s product offerings. Camlock Panels can save your customers time and money by eliminating the need to cut individual holes for each Camlock. We offer Camlock Panels in male and female, straight or angled, and your choice of amperage and voltage so that your customers always have access to what they need. Furthermore, our Camlock Panels with straight panel mounts include snap-back covers, while our 45-degree Camlock Panels include cap and lanyard covers. This way, your customers can easily keep their Camlock Panel’s connections safe from dirt and debris while not in use.

Power Assemblies Quick Connect Switches closed door
Power Assemblies Quick Connect Switches open door

Quick Connection Switch (QCS) – The new Power Assemblies’ Quick Connection Switch is the perfect blend of affordability, quality, and ergonomic features. Anytime you plan on working with electricity, you can breathe easy knowing that our QCS can instantly de-energize circuits in case of emergency. This safety switch features an easy-grip front rotary handle with an ABB switching mechanism to easily turn the power on or off. As an additional safety precaution, we’ve designed the main door to never open until de-energized. It also includes industry-standard Series 16 Camlocks to make connecting our Cable Assemblies as simple as ABC.

Company Switch – Predominantly used in the entertainment industry, Company Switches are designed to accommodate a load that requires circuit protection. We’ve worked very hard to evolve our Company Switch to include user-friendly features such as a lockable slotted door that covers its bottom-mounted Camlock Panel. This covering is designed to secure your cables and prevent them from being stolen while installed at a job site. We’ve also included (3) phase indicator lights so that your customers can see when the switch has power with just a quick glance. Our Company Switch is often equipped with an 80% or 100% rated circuit breaker and is available with a molded case switch or fused switch per your customer’s request.

Dual Voltage Transfer Switch – At this point you may be wondering, what exactly does dual-voltage mean? In short, a dual-voltage transfer switch can detect different voltage levels in your electrical infrastructure and adapt to operate at that level through a simple adjustment on its HMI (Human Machine-Interface) Panel. Since our TruOne ATS can alternate between two different voltage levels, it gives your customers some leeway as they work on different projects.

Your customers can use this Automatic Transfer Switch to easily shift their electrical setup from running off utility to backup power in the event of a power outage. However, it also includes a one-of-a-kind open transition design to give your customers the option to use this switch in its manual setting. We offer the Dual Voltage ATS in a wide variety of configurations, including 100A-1200A variations and your choice of voltage to meet your customer’s project-specific needs.

Camlock Connection Box (CCB) – This small, but mighty power distribution unit has a sleek and compact design at only 20x20x8, while still offering effective power distribution. You can choose between bottom-mounted or side-mounted Camlock Panels for a fast and effective way to connect with feeder cables. On top of saving your customers time and being cost-effective, its Camlocks are color-coded for easy identification during installation. As always, this user-friendly power distribution unit is made with premium materials for serious performance and long-term use.

All of our PDU’s are designed for this user-friendly experience. We have additional solutions including our Docking Stations, Transformer Carts, Solar Combiner Box, and more that meet these criteria. If you are interested in learning more about our additional solutions, or if you are an electrical distributor that wants to sell Power Assemblies products, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at (866)-825-8525 and we’ll help you start your application process. If you are not a distributor but would like to purchase any of the equipment listed in this article, please contact us and we will be happy to connect you with a certified Power Assemblies dealer near you.