Top Generator Power Distribution Equipment of 2024

Traditional generator power distribution equipment is mass-produced and bound to wear down after only a few years of use, leaving your customers without the electricity they need to complete their project. Power Assemblies equipment, however, is made by hand in our facilities and goes through rigorous testing before hitting the market. To us, there’s nothing better than knowing that your temporary power system includes the best equipment that money can buy and is designed to last for years to come.

When you choose to utilize Power Assemblies equipment, it’s easy to see that we crossed all our “t’s” and dotted every “i” to offer you quality in every detail. Each of our innovative power solutions boasts powerful performance while including all the bells and whistles to make operating our equipment a breeze. Nevertheless, we’re sure to have models that simply fly off the shelves! In this article, we’ll map out ten of Power Assemblies’ most popular products and examine the value that each of these products adds to your customer’s portable power setup.

Type W Generator Cable Extensions

Type W Generator Feeder Cable with Male to Female Series 16 Camlocks

Our distributors love our Type W Extensions because of their blend of flexible cable, outstanding durability, and unbeatable price points. With its heavy-duty Type W Cable Jacket, your customers will see an impressive return on investment when compared to cables from other brands. The Type W Generator Feeder Cable comes equipped with industry-standard male-to-female Series 16 Camlocks. These inline cams are designed to quickly install and provide you with weatherproof connections that will stay put throughout your project.

Type W Generator Cable Pigtails

400A Type W 4/0 Pigtail with Series 16 Camlock

This Power Assemblies classic offers your customers quick and easy Series 16 camlock connections on one end with your choice of a complementary blunt, lugged, or tinned on the other end. Each Pigtail includes RoHs-approved components and is UL / CSA-approved to guarantee safe operation in numerous applications and environments. With short lead times and the ability to choose between eight standard camlock colors, the Power Assemblies Pigtail is sure to become your customer’s new generator power distribution go-to. 

50A, 125/250V Spider Box Locking Cables

50A California Style Spider Box Cord plugged into Yellow Distribution Spiderbox

Our Spider Box Locking Cables use California Standard CS6364-C and CS6365-C twist locking plugs and connectors to connect with your Spider Box in a flash. These connectors feature a distributor-approved, easy-grip design to make gripping, turning, and pulling during installation a breeze. 

Since the Spider Box Locking Cable is designed to work seamlessly with all California Standard 50A devices, it allows your customers to unlock new levels of versatility out in the field. It also includes a professional-grade 6/4 true SOOW 600 Volt Cable that is thoughtfully designed to withstand sunlight (UV), oils, moisture, and chemicals to ensure consistent performance in rugged conditions. No matter the job, this cable is up to the challenge!

5-Wire Type SC Banded Set

#2 AWG Banded Cable Set with Camlocks Rated for 190A

Our 5-Wire Banded Set is the leading choice for customers in the entertainment industry. As you may have guessed, our Banded Set gets its name from a sturdy band placed every 24” to keep this cable set tangle-free during installation and storage. It boasts Series 16 color-coded Camlocks for phase identification at a glance. Due to earning a NEMA 3R rating while connected, this beautiful piece of generator power distribution equipment is a top pick for both indoor and outdoor uses such as powering lights, sound systems at concerts, remote film sets, and other outdoor events.

5-Wire Type SC Tie-In-Set

Banded Pigtail Cable set with Female Series 16 Camlocks

The 5-Wire Tie-In-Set features similar benefits as our Banded Sets, but with shorter lengths of cable and a camlock on only one end. Each cable in this set includes equal lengths of #2 AWG Type SC Cable, making it perfect for applications across the entertainment industry. While our Banded Sets are offered in 25’, 50’, 75’, and 100’, our standard length Tie-In-Sets are offered in lengths of 3-5 feet. However, if your customer needs a customized length, that’s no problem! We’re more than happy to accommodate custom lengths at your request. 

Camlock Connection Box (CCB)

Junction Box with Series 16 Camlock Inputs or Outputs

This power distribution unit is an affordable and quick-connecting power solution that is sure to streamline your customer’s generator connections. Since our CCBs sell like hotcakes, we always keep our inventories packed with source materials so that you can enjoy short lead times on all standard models. Our CCB is offered in a massive variety of voltage and amperage ratings, along with your choice of straight or angled Series 16 Camlocks. 

Generator Docking Station (GDS)

Generator Docking Station with Deadfront and Series 16 Camlocks

Meet our five-star, cost-effective GDS with our signature Series 16 camlock quick-connect system! Designed to work harmoniously with generators, this power distribution unit offers a quick and easy way to establish temporary and emergency power connections. It features a corrosion resistant, NEMA 4/12 enclosure or NEMA 4X SS enclosure to keep internal wiring safe and sound even in the most challenging field conditions. With dozens of different amperage, voltage, and enclosure configurations available, the GDS is the perfect solution to minimize downtime.

Electrical Tap Box

Enclosure with Bus Bar and Mechanical Lugs

This versatile solution has become a favorite because of its ability to enable the connection of multiple electrical circuits in a single enclosure. Designed for long-lasting performance, the Electrical Tap Box is rated NEMA 12/4 to protect against dust, debris, and moisture. It offers top and bottom facing lugs to make installation a breeze. Whether you prefer top, bottom, or side entry, the Electrical Tap Box can easily be adapted for installation in a wide variety of power setups.

Quick Connect Switch (QCS)

Disconnect Safety Switch with Series 16 Camlocks

With our newest addition to our power distribution lineup, the QCS, your customers can experience instant on/off switching capabilities and simple generator cable connections. This innovative power solution features a front-mounted rotary handle with an integrated ABB switch to open and close circuits with just a quick turn of its handle. As an additional safety precaution, we’ve designed the main door to never open until all circuits have been de-energized to avoid accidental exposure to live circuits.

This unit is available in a single-throw variation with Series 16 camlocks wired to line or load, fused or non-fused, and in your choice of 100A – 1200A configurations. Furthermore, our standard QCS variations are available in an incredible 0-4 week lead time so that your customers always have access to the equipment they need, when they need it most.

Camlock Panels

Metallic Plate with Series 16 Camlocks

Your customers can save plenty of time and money with the use of our Camlock Panels, because it completely eliminates the need to cut individual holes for Camlocks. We engineered our Camlock Panels to have a specialized, high-density configuration so that your customers can enjoy more connections per square inch. Each panel ships to you pre-assembled and factory tested so that they can hit the ground running, straight from the box.

Bonus: “Beetle Box” Spider Box

Rubber Spider Box Power Distribution Unit

Now that we’ve covered our top 10 most popular generator power distribution products, we have one more piece of equipment that was just too good to leave out- the Beetle Box! This lightweight and compact temporary power box is perfect for transporting between job sites and providing powerful distribution on-the-go. Our BB-101 model features GFCI protection for each outlet, non-metallic rubber housing to insulate against electric currents, and has earned a UL1640 listing. It’s rated for a maximum of 120/250V and includes a 50A CS6375 inlet, while its output includes (1) 50A CS6369 and (6) 20A GFCI Receptacles.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to become a distributor of our generator power distribution equipment, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at (866)-825-8525. We’ll be happy to team up with you as we work together to provide your customers with high-quality power solutions. When it comes to world-class equipment and excellent distributor support – you can always count on us to deliver!