Add Services to Increase Margins and Find New Markets

In order for electrical distributors to grow their business and stay ahead of competitors, they must continually add new markets, products and services. Services offer customers convenience, speed and cost savings that make their projects more profitable. The distributor that offers these services increases their value to the customer, and builds a defensible position. Vendors play a key role in the availability of these services, and Power Assemblies is committed to helping our authorized distributors increase their service offerings.

Increasing Labor Rates Drives the Need for Automation

Labor rates across the country are increasing, and this trend promises to continue as we exit the pandemic and economic activity increases, driving unemployment down. Fortunately, many labor-intensive tasks can be automated which saves time and increases quality. One task is punching and cutting holes in enclosures. Most electrical projects involve cutting holes in enclosures to run wire, mount connectors or install conduit. Projects involving industrial controls require panels to have precut holes to install pilot devices and disconnects. Cutting all these holes is not only time intensive but requires accuracy as an incorrect calculation can lead to a wasted enclosure and added time to correct the mistake. 

Power Assemblies Can Provide Value Added Hole Cutting Services for Distributors

Power Assemblies has the automation to cut holes in most material types, including steel, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. Our equipment greatly lowers the cost of cutting each hole, allowing distributors to offer the valuable service to contractors, OEM’s and end users. Our talented engineers can provide CAD drawings to make sure each hole is precisely where it needs to be and ensure a mistake free process. The enclosure is delivered with every hole exactly where it should be, and ready for installation.

The Power of Partnerships

Power Assemblies is committed to partnering with you to improve your service and products offerings, keeping you ahead of the competition. Visit our website at to see our complete portable power offering. We make ordering our portable power products online easy with our step by step product selector and convenient check out process.

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