Meet The New Power Assemblies Quick Connection Switch

If you need an affordable way to effortlessly attach feeder cables and no-nonsense switching capabilities, then this brand-new Quick Connection Switch is for you. If a project requires a safety switch in case of emergency shutoff or just needs to pause electrical circulation for testing, our single-throw Quick Connection Switch (QCS) is the perfect solution. Fabricated with top-rated materials and designed with an abundance of ergonomic features, our QCS was truly designed with the user in mind.

Our distributors are always at the heart of everything we do. By working closely with you and listening to your needs, we gain valuable insights that help us to align our equipment designs to your customer’s needs and preferences. Our team is passionate about crafting visionary power solutions so that you always have something functional and fresh to offer your customers. 

In today’s article, we’ll paint a panoramic picture of the new Power Assemblies Quick Connection Switch, examine its key features, and delve into its wide range of standard configurations.

Unveiling the Power Assemblies Quick Connection Switch

No temporary power setup is complete without an effective way to safely open and close circuits in case of an emergency or electrical testing. That’s why the Powers Assemblies QCS includes an easy-grip front rotary handle with an integrated UL-Listed ABB switch to offer you seamless on/off switching capabilities. With a quick turn of this handle, you can open or close circuits in the blink of an eye. This way, your customers can instantly de-energize circuits for a quick response to emergencies and power adaptations. 

Power Assemblies Safety Switch Disconnect with Camlocks - Quick Connect Switch

When it comes to ensuring your customer’s safety, we pull no punches. Our engineers have designed this power distribution unit so the front door will never open until it is de-energized. This revolutionary safety feature is a simple, yet effective way to enhance safety protocols. It eliminates accidental exposure to live circuits and keeps electrical hazards in check. While using our Quick Connection Switch, operators can take a deep breath knowing that all live circuits are safely contained within its enclosure.

Furthermore, the QCS is a wall-mountable, powder-coated steel enclosure. We choose to incorporate this box because of its remarkable ability to combat rust and corrosion. Its wall-mountable design allows for space-efficient installation and easy access to electrical components. Additionally, this unit has earned a NEMA 3R rating for its ability to safely operate in windy and rainy conditions. This means that your customers can experience the unmatched convenience of using our QCS for both indoor and outdoor applications!

Alongside five-star switching capabilities and a heavy-duty enclosure, the Power Assemblies Quick Connection Switch allows for fuss-free generator feeder cable connections. Our QCS showcases a bottom-mounted Camlock Panel with Marinco or Leviton Series 16 Camlocks. These Series 16 Cams are universally compatible with all Series 16 devices from other brands to support smooth integration and headache-free installation out in the field. As the finishing touch, our QCS includes clear snapback covers to protect the panel-mount camlock connectors while not in use.

Exploring the Standard Variations of Our Quick Connect Switch

Our team of engineers excels at understanding the ins and outs of your customer’s project. With this in mind, we’ve developed a massive variety of standard Quick Connection Switch configurations. The Power Assemblies QCS is available in your choice of fusible or non-fusible designs, amperage ratings, voltages, cams wired to line or wired to load, a switched neutral, solid neutral, or no neutral. We understand that all these QCS variations can be a lot to take in. So, let’s begin to break down our standard configurations to help you better understand which specifications might be the best fit for the project at hand.

Pre-Wired With Series 16 Camlock Connectors Power Assemblies Safety Switch Disconnect - Quick Connect Switch

Fusible or non-fusible options cater to circuit protection needs. Our single-throw, fusible QCS (with fuses not included) offers your customers circuit protection in systems that require overcurrent protection. If your customer’s backup power system already includes upstream circuit protection, then our non-fusible option is the perfect match for this application!

Electrical projects can vary tremendously from one to the next. That’s why the Power Assemblies Quick Connect Switch is offered in your choice of 120V, 120/208V, 120/240V, 208V, 277/480V, and 480V configurations. Each of these voltage configurations is marked by color-coded camlocks for easy phase identification during installation. We also offer 100A to 1200A variations to cater to the unique needs of the project at hand.

“Camlocks wired to load” and “camlocks wired to source” describe two different ways that the camlocks are attached to the Quick Connection Switch’s overall electrical wiring. Our single-throw QCS with Cams wired to load uses female Camlocks (hot) to carry electricity out of the QCS and use it to power downstream equipment. On the flip side, our QCS with Cams wired to line uses male camlocks to bring electricity into the QCS from a power source. This would typically be coming from utility or generator power.

The Power Assemblies QCS is offered in your choice of a switched neutral, solid neutral, or no neutral options to allow your customers to select their preference of how the neutral conductor is installed. In a Quick Connection Switch with a no-neutral configuration, there is no provision for a neutral conductor within the switch. Instead, the switch only controls the hot (live) conductor of the electrical circuit. A QCS with a switched neutral includes a neutral that is also switched on or off with the switch. In contrast, a solid neutral variation will be continuously connected in the QCS.

All of the variations can be mixed and matched on our QCS product page to create your customized power solution. If you would like to request a QCS outside of our standard configurations, please dial (866)-825-8525 or send us an email at [email protected]. If you are not a distributor and are interested in purchasing our power solutions, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to pair you with one of our distribution partners near you!