Electrical Inspections Are Key to Success

Electrical Inspections, Tests, & Safety

At Power Assemblies, we believe that the top priority of any electrical project should be safety. Taking the necessary precautions to perform inspections on an electrical project can mitigate electrical hazards, which as you may know, can result in major property damage, and can injure those within close proximities. Working on or near electrical hazards always poses a dangerous risk, so if you must do so, always be certain to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and be cautious of what you’re doing.

Studies show that in 2020 alone, 126 workers died from electrical hazards and 2,380 suffered nonfatal injuries. Many fatalities in the construction industry occurred while victims were working on or around equipment that was energized when it did not need to be. If you’re an experienced electrician, it’s generally considered a standard practice to test whether or not the equipment is energized before working on it. We always recommend turning off the circuit breaker and testing for voltage before getting started. At Power Assemblies, we put each one of our team members through proper training because we believe injuries, or in some cases, fatalities, can be prevented through training, inspections, and proper handling of electrical equipment.

That’s why before any of our products are shipped, Power Assemblies’ team members inspect them using a variety of tests and procedures. This allows us to be sure that they’re up to code and safe for our distributors and their customers. As a manufacturer, it’s our duty to build high quality products for our customers. Inspections play a large role in guaranteeing that the high quality we strive for in our products will never subside.

Electrical Inspections and Tests We Perform

Our in-house engineers perform voltage tests, continuity tests, and functional tests on products before they are shipped out to distributors. Voltage testing is a necessary procedure that should be done before working on an electrical installation because it helps determine if electrical components are working properly. Before any cables leave our facility, we energize and put voltage through them monitoring the performance to look for any faults so we can be certain that there will never be an injury on the job when you purchase Power Assemblies products.

Our cable assemblers are taught to perform Continuity tests on every cable built in our factory. They test each and every cable that goes out to ensure they are phased properly so there is no confusion when they get out in the field. A continuity test is extremely beneficial to help you verify which wire is which, especially on long cable runs and on intertwining wires. We perform this task to ensure you have no doubts when our products arrive. All power assemblies camlock and generator cables will be properly phased used color-coded connectors to match your voltage requirements.

Power Assemblies is a UL Certified manufacturer, so you know that our products have been tested to UL standards. Our most popular product, The Generator Docking Station (GDS), is in fact a UL Listed and certified product, which means it has gone through a variety of tests from Underwriters Laboratories to ensure it meets and exceeds national standards. To read more about UL listings, click here!

Always Perform Electrical Inspections

In our eyes, the electrical inspections and tests that we perform on our products are much more than just quality control. It helps us minimize issues and allows for peace of mind knowing that every single product that goes out our door is Power Assemblies tested, certified, and performance ready. These tests help keep our warehouse in check as we create a cleaner and safer work environment for our employees and customers. Each day before we leave the premises, we ensure all tools and equipment are cleaned and put back into their precise location so every time a team member needs it, they know where to find it.

This helps us all keep a common ground and avoid any unnecessary damage to the tools equipment and ensure they all work as they should. All equipment is also monitored using a lock-out tag-out safety procedure to be certain that all machines are shut off and out of use before the start of maintenance or repairs. There are monetary benefits to this as well. For example, defective equipment leads to more energy consumption and lesser efficiency, costing more money. Thus, it costs less money to inspect than it does to repair! It is also reassuring that the equipment is not violating OSHA requirements and is adhering to our standard operating procedures.

We Deliver Quality

We carry out these inspections to make sure that our distributors receive the best products from us. From the incoming components to the final assembly, we are building our equipment to exceed your expectations. However, this does not mean that you will not need to perform inspections of your own. Be sure that when you receive any electrical equipment, cables, or devices you do your due diligence to inspect it as well. Whether it is from Power Assemblies or not, we always recommend taking the time to perform a simple inspection to be sure your electrical devices are field-ready. If you have any questions regarding our innovative power solutions or the inspections that we perform, you can contact a team member by emailing us at [email protected] or call us directly at (866)-825-8525.