Power Assemblies Stocking Distributor Incentives

As of late, lead times are never certain. Lead times are the period of time in between the initiation or purchase of a product and the completion of the production process extending to the shipment date. This time period has been uncertain for our vendors, manufacturers, and as much as we hate to admit it – even ourselves. However, our team members at Power Assemblies have been working timelessly to combat global supply chain issues in order to offer our distributors reliable lead times that are not outrageously long. For a majority of our standard products, we have no issues but for larger equipment that can require multiple parts, it can become more difficult to locate all the necessary materials.

Power Distribution Equipment that requires hundreds of smaller components coming together to form one singular build may result in a single part being backordered or delayed which can put the whole assembly at risk of missing or extending its production date. Luckily, our team of engineers possess the expertise needed through years of experience to suggest alternative solutions that are sufficient to get the unit out of production and into the hands of our distributors. The downside to all of this is if your customer needs a quick replacement, they may be out of luck – unless they just so happen to be working with a stocking distributor.

What Is a Stocking Distributor?

A stocking distributor purchases a confirmed number of specified products from a manufacturer and keeps them on the shelves in their facility for consumers to purchase at any given time. These products are generally sold in a first in first out (FIFO) valuation method, in order to lower the cost of goods sold for consumers and ensure inventory does not sit in one location for too long. The goal for this type of inventory management system (IMS) is to provide a convenient solution to consumers so they have readily access to these goods immediately. For businesses that are focused amidst disaster relief and emergency power restoration, this is clearly the only option.

Stocking Distributors generally order material forecasted for a year’s worth of sales. If you’re trying to land new customers, this may very well be the incentive that your potential new customer needs to hear to open an account at your branch. Your company needs to be reliable in the eyes of the consumer. That’s exactly what a stocking distributor can provide for their customers – reliability and trustworthiness. For example, if you are not a stocking distributor the consumer must put a lot of faith that you will deliver on your promised time frame.

As a manufacturer, we understand that your customers often have deadlines they are required to meet. Therefore, they must rely on their distributor and that the information they’re relaying is accurate with no expected delays. However, it’s very difficult for non-stocking distributors to be entirely confident in order to guarantee that no delays will take place. If your customer is interested in a Power Assemblies product and you are in fact a stocking distributor, they have instant access to these goods and can bypass lead times that other distributors are projecting. If this happens to be an emergency, the consumer will choose the stocking distributor 9 times out of 10 because there are no lead times, no production period, and the items can often be shipped the very same day.

Being a stocking distributor also depicts a sense of visibility to consumers. It allows the customer to physically come into your store and talk with a sales representative and develop a relationship while also having access to tangible products that are right in front of them. If you’re unable to move forward with becoming a stocking distributor, we highly recommend that you order Power Assemblies products well in advance in order to secure the order for your customer before the competition. This will also help you ensure that the product will arrive on time.

Does Power Assemblies Offer Incentives for Stocking?

Yes, in fact we do offer incentives for our distribution partners that stock Power Assemblies’ products and merchandise in their storefront. First and foremost, Power Assemblies is a top portable power manufacturers and we sell all of our equipment exclusively through distribution. That means we will never sell directly to your customers which is why you can trust that our team members have your best interest in mind. All stocking distributors are eligible for highly competitive pricing and discounts to help you retain orders and maximize your profits. We also offer distributors exclusive access to our product and web training videos to help you determine some of most important questions you need to ask your customers in order to quote accurately.

In addition to all that, we have virtual or in-person one on one meetings available with our highly skilled engineers. They can help answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products and services. These trainings will help you and your associates develop product knowledge that will increase your confidence when selling Power Assemblies equipment to your customers. We also have product specs, drawings, brochures, and power packages available for all of our distributors. Partner with Power Assemblies today to avoid long lead times, begin saving money, and increase your profitability. For any questions or concerns on how to become a Power Assemblies distributor, please email us at [email protected].