Power Assemblies’ Veteran Leaders

Today we celebrate Veteran’s Day and the service of all US military veterans. Power Assemblies is very proud to recognize four veterans on our team in senior management positions. We would like to thank Jesse Dean, Travis McMurray, Allen Lozano, and Chris Kloepfer for their service in the Marine Corps.

Jesse Dean is our General Manager who oversees daily operations and has an undeniable talent for engineering new products.  Travis McMurray wears many hats, as he manages our shipping, receiving, and inventory control systems at our Pompano Beach, Florida facility. At our Henderson, Nevada location, we have Allen Lozano, who also manages our shipping, receiving, and inventory control systems. Lastly, we have Chris Kloepfer, our Business Development Lead, who has astounding interpersonal skills. Chris travels across the US building relationships with prospective clients who have a need for our products and services.

It’s no secret that the United States Military instills values such as discipline, courage, and leadership into the members that serve, and forms a sense of unity that can’t be taught in a classroom. In today’s blog, we will describe how having veterans in management has positively impacted our company.

United States Military Core Values

Discipline can be defined as exercising self-control to work consistently towards accomplishing a goal. Having disciplined and motivated leaders helps Power Assemblies consistently deliver high quality products and excellent customer service to our distribution partners. Our veteran leaders practice discipline every day, which allows them to genuinely care about the company mission and put their hearts into their work. They also lead by example, consistently giving their best effort each day, while providing focused insight to our staff, and striving to perfect every detail as they oversee projects from start to finish.

Our leaders demonstrate courage everyday by taking on difficult projects. Our veterans are confident that their creative problem solving, and years of industry experience will allow them to prevail even when the odds seem against them. Courage means that they will lead with unwavering perseverance and be open to learning new things along the way. Our veterans embrace change and value collaborative insight. Courageous leadership allows Power Assemblies to follow through on challenging client projects and produce large orders and custom products in tight time frames.

Integrity can be characterized as having strong moral and ethical principles. Integrity also means staying genuine even when nobody is watching. Our veterans exhibit integrity by empowering our staff to cultivate an environment of honesty. Our company culture promotes the foundational values of responsibility and doing what’s right. Clients can observe our principle of integrity through our timely, transparent, and genuine customer service strategies.

Strong leadership involves leading by example and earning respect through building trust. Our veterans display strong leadership by clearly defining short-term and long-term missions that they will not allow to be derailed by any obstacle. Power Assemblies leaders provide a sense of belonging to their staff members by recognizing each member’s talents and efforts. We value communication and mutual trust, and our clients have noticed the success in our leadership structure through our ability to exceed customer expectations. We strive to pinpoint client needs and provide custom solutions on time, every time.

Our veterans exhibit unity through their ability to motivate our staff to work in the full agreement of harmony. Working in unity allows Power Assemblies to maximize efficiency in daily tasks so that we can move quickly towards completing orders. The core value of unity promotes us to think collectively to solve problems. We hold each other accountable to avoid mistakes and promote productivity in order to avoid systems stagnation. Power Assemblies team strength resonates to our client’s experience through our ability to streamline communication and consistently deliver superior results.

The Few, The Proud, The Marines

Power Assemblies is proud to have four Marine veterans leading our staff. Our Marine veterans exhibit principles that include discipline, courage, integrity, leadership, and unity every day that they show up to do their job. These values were instilled during their times of service and helped each one of them persevere through times of hardship. Our veterans provide immeasurable value to our leadership strategies and the cultivation of a united, honest staff. Jesse Dean, Travis McMurray, Allen Lozano, and Chris Kloefer are each cornerstones of our company’s success as well as the exceptional custom products and services that we are able to provide to our clientele.