Powering an Eco-Friendly Future

Eco Friendly solutions to make a better future.

Carbon emissions have been rapidly increasing over the last 70 years. Business operations are one of the major contributions to pollution, greenhouse gases, and increasing levels of carbon dioxide. In order to prepare for a better future, it’s critical that businesses work on strategies to preserve our environment. An eco-friendly company looks to slash greenhouse emissions, avoid excess consumption of materials, and implement practices to steer clear of creating unnecessary waste. Each member of the company should stay consistent with sustainability efforts in order to create lasting changes.

Power Assemblies is 100% dedicated to preserving nature and the future for all. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our journey towards becoming the most sustainable versions of ourselves and advice on how you can start your sustainability journey today!

Eco-Friendly Operations

When choosing which companies to source our parts from, we always look to purchase from domestic manufacturers. Purchasing from domestic companies allows us to gain more insight into their manufacturing practices, and it also helps us to cut down on emissions caused by long shipments. When it comes to shipping our power distribution equipment out to distributors, we always look to choose the most efficient shipping routes. We also offer our local distributors the option of picking up shipments directly from our facilities. This offers our clientele the option to give both the environment and their wallets a break.

In efforts to make our operations as eco-friendly as possible, we have energy-efficient lights and appliances installed in our facilities. Our warehouse has lighting sensors and timers on our office lights, high-bay warehouse lights, and our HVAC equipment to avoid wasting energy when we’re not using it. We also save all of our cardboard boxes from inbound shipments and shred them into packing material which helps us to avoid waste and offers a biodegradable packing solution.

To create long-term habits and become more environmentally sustainable, your business should start small and have clear and measurable goals to reduce your carbon footprint. Perform a company-wide energy and waste audit to gauge your starting parameters, then create a timeline with realistic goals. Regularly take small steps, such as adding native plants to your landscape and updating to more energy-efficient HVAC and lighting equipment like we explained earlier. Over time, these small steps will steadily move you toward long-term goals.

Eco-Friendly Products

We aim to create high-performance, innovative power solutions while keeping the environment in mind. Our approach to reducing carbon footprints and offering more eco-friendly products includes maximizing efficiency and reducing excessive packaging. Each of our products are built to last. All of our equipment is of the highest quality and can be used for many years to come, rather than sitting in a landfill after a few months of use. Our equipment is very easy to find parts for and fix, so you can count on years of reliable performance before it needs to be replaced.

Make your product line more environmentally friendly by conducting a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)  to identify the ways that your products affect the environment throughout their entire lifespan. Identify areas for improvement at each stage to find strategies that will have the greatest impact and will guide your future decision-making efforts. Focus on offering your customers high-quality products to keep your products out of landfills and cut down on the use of raw materials.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the active participation and involvement of employees in efforts to reduce the negative environmental impact of a company’s operations. The Power Assemblies team takes initiative and individual ownership to drive positive change. We aim to create a culture of sustainability and work together to recycle and avoid excessive use of electricity and water. We believe that change has a butterfly effect, as more and more individuals begin to take responsibility for preserving the environment it will accumulate until substantial change is made. 

You can get your team on board with your company’s sustainability efforts by providing employees with training and education on sustainability issues, such as reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting eco-friendly transportation options. This raises awareness and understanding of environmental issues and motivates employees to take action. Empower your employees by recognizing those who go above and beyond in their sustainability efforts. Engagement can also be increased by continuously setting new goals for your team and welcoming an environment of two-way communication as you work towards a more sustainable future.

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