Power Assemblies Company Switch

Gearing up all your equipment for a show or concert can be a hassle, especially if you’re uncertain about which type of setup is best for you. No matter what, you’re going to need some means of disconnect at the event to meet local guidelines and safety standards. Often times this leaves the person in charge with a serious decision. They’ll have to choose between a standard safety switch or a company switch. In this article, we’re going to review how the Power Assemblies Company Switch is more than capable to outperform the competition along with offering a safer, value-added solution compared to a standard safety switch disconnect.

Our Power Assemblies Company Switch was engineered specifically for entertainment-oriented settings such as live events, theaters, studios, arenas, convention centers, along with select locations that require emergency backup power. A company switch is an electrical enclosure containing a basic electric switch on/off design to offer some means of disconnect while protecting the load from excessive current. Our company switch is often equipped with an 80% or 100% rated circuit breaker and is also available with a molded case switch or a fused switch depending on the customer’s request. In fact, extensive customization is available for all Power Assemblies products, regardless if you simply need to change the gender of the camlocks or even add a second neutral to your build, we can accommodate you to meet any event-specific requirements.

This switch is highly desirable in any location that requires a temporary power connection to accommodate a load that requires overcurrent protection. An overloaded circuit is a common occurrence in tradeshow events that contains multiple vendors operating equipment under a single electrical connection. Not only will this switch protect the load, but it’s also equipped with a mechanical interlock that will not allow the door to be opened when the switch is powered on. Upon handling electricity at live events, safety is of the utmost importance. With the addition of the Power Assemblies Company Switch, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the load is protected and the vendors and guests attending the event will be safe.

Company Switch Capabilities

When providing power for an event-specific location, it’s important to be sure that the equipment being used has gone through multiple tests and inspections to ensure it will not fail during the show. The Power Assemblies company switch is UL listed, meaning it has successfully passed a series of tests to ensure sustainability and safety. Being UL listed also means that a product is free of any foreseeable danger and risk of fire. We believe that having a dependable piece of equipment at your event is absolutely necessary.

Our company switch is available in 60, 100, 200, 400, and 800 amps at single phase 120/240V, or three-phase 120/208V, or 277/480V. This switch is equipped with series 16 cams for the output source connection, however, we can happily customize this box to fit your specific needs. Our company switch includes (3) phase indicator lights on the face of the enclosure to visibly show when the switch has power and to also help the user indicate an issue as soon as possible if one may arise. The mechanical interlock on this device is an additional safety feature that prevents access to live circuits inside the company switch when the power is switched to the on position. You must turn the switch off before it will allow you to have access to the inside.

Also, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to powder coat the entire enclosure, providing a sleek aesthetically pleasing design while simultaneously providing corrosion resistance. For a visual demonstration and to help provide you with an even more detailed understanding, watch our Company Switch video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos like it!