Introducing the NEW Marine Beetle Box (Spider Box)

A spider box or power distribution box is a compact, safe, and convenient way to deliver portable or temporary power at a designated location whether that may be a construction site, an entertainment event, or a wet location such as a marina or dock. This spider box includes all the necessary materials and outlets to provide power to your equipment and can be customized to better fit your needs. Power Assemblies is proud to announce our Marine Beetle Box, which comes standard with (2) 125V, 20A GFCIs, (1) 125V, 30A Twist-lock Marine rated receptacle, and (1) 50A 125/250V Twist-lock Marine rated receptacle.

This power distribution box is available in 2 options: hardwired, or with a 50-Amp Inlet. However, if you or your customer needs a spider box with specific outlets for better compatibility with existing equipment, you can reach out to our engineering and design team at [email protected] anytime and we will build your customized product in a timely manner.

Marine Beetle Box Quality and Materials

When it comes to choosing the correct spider box for your project, you should carefully observe the type of materials that go into the fabrication of the box and its components. Safety is our top priority at Power Assemblies. Therefore, we only build our portable power solutions with components that are built to last and those that have been quality tested. We’ve developed a spider box built with a sturdy non-metallic frame that is rust-resistant and constructed to combat the toughest marine conditions.

The Marine Beetle Box has an array of custom specifications that allow it to stand out from the competition. This power solution is equipped with (4) rubber insulated legs that allow this box to stand 3 inches above ground level to keep receptacles away from stagnant water that you might fight around the marina or onboard your vessel. We love the fact that we’ve constructed this power from a 100% polyethylene rubber housing to insulate against electrical currents and provide an added safety benefit for the user because your safety is always one of our top priorities.

We incorporate only the highest-quality materials in all the products that we engineer in-house. This is why we stand so strongly behind our innovative power solutions. In this distro box, you’ll find that we’ve included standard GFCI protected outlets and marine-rated receptacles for added protection. Each mounted receptacle is positioned behind a spring-loaded cover that will automatically snap shut when they’re not in use to protect from dirt and excess moisture around the dock. When in use, the marine receptacles are locked tight, so moisture cannot reach the inside. The circuit breakers on this box are mounted behind a transparent, hinged window for quick access and to make each breaker easily visible to determine if they are on, off, or in the tripped position

How To Order Your Marine Power Distribution Box

If you need power at your dock, you can incorporate our marine beetle box to easily branch off existing power pedestals on the dock, or you can mount this marine power box on your dock permanently to provide shore power where it’s needed most.

Are you interested in building a complete portable power marine weathered set-up for your boat or yacht? We advise you to reach out to our project engineers at (866)-825-8525 for inquiries on building custom shore power cable assemblies along with our latest and most innovative beetle box yet for a stronger, safer, and more portable way to distribute power in any marine environment.

You can order today at one of our authorized Power Assemblies distributors near you. For assistance, please give us a call at (866)-825-8525 or you can visit us online at