Winter is Coming

Prepare for the winter season

As hurricane season comes to an end, we are here to help states susceptible to winter conditions prepare for power outages due to ice, snow, and wind. Power outages in extreme cold can be especially dangerous, requiring an immediate resumption of power. Power Assemblies products work in conjunction with utility and generator power to help restore power in extreme winter conditions.

As much as we would like an endless summer, winter is coming, and we are here to provide essential portable power products to keep the power on! We’re encouraging distributors to be prepared for the enormous demand of temporary power throughout the winter months by placing stock orders to better serve your customers. Beat the cold to the punch and stay equipped. In the event of a power outage, we hope distributors can provide customers with power distribution products when they need it most.

Schedule a yearly inspection

Having the proper temporary power products during these storms is vital, but it’s also important to ensure your customers’ emergency power products are in good working condition. Power Assemblies cable repair services can confirm there are no abrasions in your cables and inspect the quality of the terminals. It’s also important that power distribution products are working properly. Power Assemblies can test connections, repair damaged enclosures, and make modifications.

Beware of shipping delays due to hazardous roadways

Power outages due to winter conditions are usually accompanied by hazardous road conditions. This means it may take several days for trucks to move products through the effected areas. Prevent shipping delays by keeping adequate stock on hand. Your customers will thank you!

Power Assemblies proactively works with distributors to supply the portable power products and tools they need to succeed throughout the season. Please contact us by phone at (866)-825-8525 or email us today at [email protected] for more information.