The Secrets of Successful Product Pairing

Power Assemblies Generator Docking Station and Pin & Sleeve Cable Product Pairing Bundle

Providing customers with a complete power solutions platform can lead to increased customer satisfaction, improved customer retention, and increased sales. When distributors suggest products that complement what the customer has already purchased, it can enhance their overall customer experience. Offering a complete product platform also shows that you understand customer needs and preferences. This can strengthen relationships and increase the likelihood that they will return to your business in the future. 

Power Assemblies specializes in portable power products that includes cable assemblies, power distribution units, and electrical controls. We’re proud to be an American manufacturer that can say all of our products are made by hand in our facilities. In this article, we will be discussing which of our products are designed to pair together so that our distributors can make full-platform recommendations for their customers and ensure that the customer has everything they need to power their next project!

Docking Station + Transfer Switch + Generator Feeder Cables

Our Generator Docking Station (GDS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), and Cable Assemblies pair together perfectly to provide reliable power in permanent or remote locations. A GDS is designed to quickly connect a generator to a load while working in conjunction with an ATS to safely transfer uninterrupted power from the main power source to a backup source in the event of an emergency. A Power Assemblies’ generator cable is manufactured to provide reliable and secure connections and distribute power throughout your electrical system.  

The GDS connects directly to the generator and distributes power through the Cable Assemblies to the load. The ATS is responsible for switching the power source and ensuring that all equipment remains operational. Our GDS and ATS are made of sturdy, heavy-duty carbon steel for long-lasting performance but are also available in stainless steel variations. Each product will provide watertight connections for performance in severe weather conditions.

Camlock Connection Box + Cable Assemblies

Camlock Connection Boxes (CCB) are portable power enclosures designed to easily connect a backup power system to a building’s electrical system. CCBs are used as a hub for the generator to disperse power out to a load, similar to that of a Generator Docking Station. Our Connection Boxes includes color-coded series 16 camlocks as the input connection type but we can customize it to meet your exact needs if necessary. The CCB provides a safe and secure connection and protects the connections from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.

Cable Assemblies and the Connection Box work together to provide power in a variety of settings such as in the entertainment industry, construction sites, and outdoor events. The generator is used as the power source and brings power into the CCB with the help of our generator feeder cables. Just have an electrician install the CCB to an electrical panel on site in order to provide portable power in an instant. Our Cable Assemblies can be custom-made to the required length, gauge, and connector types to meet the requirements of your customer’s application.

Spiderboxes + California Style Twistlock Cables

Our Beetle box power distribution unit provides reliable power at construction sites, sporting events, carnivals, and more! It features a series of different plugs and outlets to power multiple appliances. They are lightweight and stackable, perfect for moving between locations. Each receptacle has its own GFCI breaker for additional safety in harsh weather conditions. It also features a dedicated breaker to protect against overload and accidental breaker tripping.

Our Spider Box Locking Cable with California Style Plugs works as a generator extension cable to distribute power into your spiderbox and out to the required tools or appliances. Our Spider Box extension cable is made of 6/4 SOOW hard-use cable and high-quality Arrow Hart connectors. The twist lock connectors help to prevent accidental disconnections, while the spider boxes provide a safe and secure way to distribute power. The twist lock connectors on the cables are compatible with the output ports on the spider box, providing a versatile and reliable platform for your customer’s power distribution needs.

Tap Box + Camlock Panel + Banded Cable Set

Type Stage Cable Banded assemblies pair well with our Camlock Panel and can be installed on a Tap box to provide portable power at film sets, concerts, and industrial lighting displays. The Power Assemblies’ Tap box is designed to support the connections of multiple circuits in a single compact enclosure. Our versatile Tap boxes are available in a range of amperage ratings to provide your customers with the variety they need. Each of our Tap boxes are carefully factory tested before shipping. They arrive pre-assembled and feature top and bottom facing lugs for quick installation. If you prefer a camlock panel on your tap box from the factory, simply let our sales representatives know and we can build a custom tap box with series 16 camlock inputs or outputs.

Our 5-Wire Banded Sets are made of Type SC Cable and are a popular choice in the entertainment industry. All our Banded Sets feature a band placed every 24 inches to make cable identification and installation a breeze. If you include a camlock panel on your tap box, the series 16 connectors on our banded sets are compatible with the input ports on the tap box to provide dependable connections.

Power Assemblies’ mission is to create high-performance power solutions and superior distributor experiences. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in everything that we do. We strive to provide our distributors with entire platforms of equipment available in short lead times. The Assemblies Team also specializes in custom fabrications if your customers need a power solution that isn’t currently offered in the market. Are you interested in becoming a distributor? Learn more about the value that we provide by calling (866)-825-8525 or send us an email at [email protected].