Behind The Scenes at Power Assemblies

Warehouse Foreman moving a pallet of electrical equipment.

All Power Assemblies Equipment and Cables are manufactured in the USA right here in our facilities. Our cable assemblers and electricians use their skills and years of experience to carefully craft each product to make sure that it’s perfect, down to every detail! Making each product by hand allows us the opportunity to offer an aspect of customization to our distributors so that we can better suit their needs. We love the challenge and creativity required to manufacture custom cable assemblies, enclosures, and power solutions for our distribution partners!

Start Everyday Strong

A typical day at Power Assemblies begins at 6:00 a.m. when our warehouse managers arrive to unlock the office, begin facilitating work orders for the day, and fire up the equipment in our warehouse. Our general manager will then meet with the operations team each morning to debrief each other on the status of current projects. Power Assemblies’ leaders consistently strive to raise the bar on the quality of our products and lower production times for our distributors. These teams carefully plan our daily production and shipment timeline to ensure that our distributors will be able to receive their deliveries on time. At 8:00 a.m., the warehouse associates arrive and meet with team leaders to go over the assigned work orders for the day.

Staying Organized During a Busy Afternoon

Our procurement officer typically spends the afternoon making arrangements with suppliers to ensure that we have the necessary components on hand to finalize current projects in a timely manner. He will frequently check in with the sales team to help build quotes and predict accurate time frames for completing orders.

Power Assemblies’ lead engineers will develop practical designs for our custom projects. Our engineers will also design CAD-Drawings for these custom projects which provides our distributors with insight into how the final product will look and function. Our team is completely dedicated to meeting the needs of our distributors, and we strive to bring their visions to life!

Our warehouse manager stays busy delivering orders to local distributors and tracking the progress of ongoing orders. Any new orders that are placed throughout the day are processed instantly in order to allow the foreman to create work orders to get them into production as soon as possible. Our foreman also oversees procurement, meaning he’s responsible for checking to ensure that we have enough components for each build. If the Power Assemblies’ warehouse is running short on material, our procurement officer will be alerted to create an order to restock inventory. Once the material arrives, our warehouse manager will then make the necessary inventory adjustments for all incoming parts and make sure that they are properly stored and labeled in the appropriate location. 

Throughout the day our electricians work on installing custom products in the field. They spend most of the week traveling to local sites and helping our distributors as needed. Our electricians also specialize in wiring all custom-built enclosures and switchgear on site at our facility. When the Power Assemblies warehouse must complete a difficult project, our electricians will join the assemblers in the warehouse to help complete the wiring process. 

Power Assemblies’ assistant warehouse manager helps with managing the operations of the warehouse. If the foreman is away making a delivery, the assistant manager will guide the other assemblers around any obstacles that they may encounter during the day. Our assistant warehouse manager also utilizes Power Assemblies’ CRM software to manage inventory and shipments. He specializes in managing inventory to ensure that Power Assemblies always has the proper inventory on hand for our in-house projects and to meet the demand of our distributors. All outgoing shipments are overseen on a moment-by-moment basis to make sure they’re all properly recorded in our inventory management system. 

Wrapping Up the Day

At 4:30 p.m., the warehouse associates begin to pack up their stations and head home for the day. Our General Manager will often stay late to ensure all deadlines are met for that day. Power Assemblies takes pride in accurately and efficiently shipping products. Every day, we take time to check inventory and stay organized so that we can ship products to our distributors on time. We also take pride in making sure that our orders are 100% accurate. Power Assemblies aims to offer our distribution partners high-quality innovative power solutions on time, every time!

Are you interested in Power Assemblies equipment? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or contact us at (866)-825-8525 and we will connect you with a distributor in your area!