Pig Pens for Pig Tail Cable Assemblies

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Pig Pens for Pig Tail Cable Assemblies

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The patented PigPen by Power Assembles provides storage, organization, protection and easy transportation of pigtail cable assemblies. They consist of a metal frame with a ceiling of slotted rows that allow up to size 4/0 AWG cables with Series 16 CAMs that hang neatly in the slots.
It holds up to 300 pigtail assemblies as opposed to 50 for a standard 4 x 4 box – in the same space! The frame is coated with Armortek (same stuff as truck bed liners) to protect from scratches and rust.

  • Pig Pen 2′ x 4′: Holds Approx. 168 Pigs
  • Pig Pen 4′ x 4′: Holds Approx. 336 Pigs
  • Pig Pen 4′ x 8′: Holds Approx. 672 Pigs

  • Parallel slots allow for easy access and organization
  • Saves on costs by reducing damage to lugs, cams, & cables
  • Saves tons of time on cable sorting, coiling, & storing
  • Forklift pockets for easy transportation
  • Pig Pen design allows pig tails to be easily transported
  • Capacity of up to 200 pig tail cable assemblies

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2' x 8', 2' x 4', 4' x 8', 4' x 4'


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