The Ultimate Guide to Cable Assemblies

Wire reels in production facility awaiting assembly build.

Cable assemblies are wires or cords that are built with connectors or terminations at one or both ends. We typically refer to cables shorter than 10 feet as Pigtails, and those longer than 10 feet as assemblies. These assemblies are made up of single or multi-conductor cables that are bound together and covered by a protective jacket. Cable assemblies are often used to simplify installations, offer a quick temporary power connection, and improve the reliability of electrical connections. They are commonly used in various fields such as providing emergency power for hospitals, temporary power for residential or commercial construction, and automotive or aerospace industries.

Power Assemblies offers high-quality cable assemblies, and our electrical solutions are handmade by our team of assemblers right here in the USA!  Our cable assemblies are built with durable materials, and offer exceptional conductivity and maximum flexibility to ensure optimal performance and ease of use. The majority of our cables are built with either camlock connectors, 30 or 50A twist lock connectors, or pin and sleeve devices. Power Assemblies cables boast top-quality construction featuring stranded copper conductors and a rugged insulation that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. From extreme temperatures to chemical exposure, all Power Assemblies cables are built to provide reliable performance and longevity! Their exceptional flexibility makes them ideal for maneuvering tight spaces and allowing for improved productivity during any project.

Our Generator Cables and Feeder Cable Assemblies are available in a range of different lengths and gauges. The gauge of the cable refers to the size of the copper conductor whereas the length refers to the span of the cable from end to end. With multiple gauge sizes and lengths to choose from, Power Assemblies’ cables are versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications. Their sturdy, yet pliable design makes them an essential tool for those requiring quick and efficient access to temporary or emergency power. Whether you’re looking to provide these cables for small-scale projects or large industrial jobs, these cable assemblies will get the job done! If you already have a distributors account with us, you can contact a Power Assemblies rep at [email protected] and we’ll provide you with a quote fast! If you’re not an electrical distributor, feel free to still reach out to our agents and we’ll connect you with an authorized Power Assemblies dealer in your area.

Cable Assembly Safety and Field Usage

Copper conductors have high conductivity, meaning that it can conduct electrical current with low resistance. This is one reason why Power Assemblies uses copper conductors in all of our cable assemblies. As mentioned previously, the gauge of the wire influences its conductivity. As the gauge of the cable increases, it lowers the resistance of the electrical current and allows the cable to carry increasing amounts of the electrical current. This is because the electrons have more room to move through the cable. For this reason, larger gauge assemblies are frequently used for heavy-duty projects that require a high ampacity.

Over time these cables can be affected by corrosion or damage to the insulation which is commonly due to excessive use out in the field. This can reduce the cables conductivity and can impact the quality of the electrical connection and compromise the safety of the user. This is why it’s essential to regularly inspect and maintain assemblies to make sure that they will perform safely and efficiently. The conductivity of the Power Assemblies’ cable assembly is second to none! We designed our cables with the highest quality materials to offer low resistance and high conductivity, providing a steady flow of electricity to equipment. This allows for premium performance and reduces the risk of corrosion and other issues. Call us today and we’ll connect you with a distributor near you to provide a custom quote on our cable assemblies to match your project’s requirements. If you’re an electrical distributor and are interested in buying direct, click here to apply today!